Chefs & Bakers is a brand that understands, cares, and collaborates with our customers. We are a brand that recognizes the value of partnership. We are a brand with a heart. :)

Chefs and Bakers is a wholesale and retail specialty company carrying local and imported baking products. We opened our first branch at Triangle Island Plaza on May 18, 2012 with an area of 100 sq.m. On October 16, 2012, we launched our in-store kitchen with the plan of holding demo classes and workshops in cooking, baking, and decorating. This expansion increased the total area of our first branch to 180 sq m.

We opened our second branch in Iloilo City last November 20, 2014. Acceptance was ready. As was the reception which was likewise warm, welcoming, and generous. Similarly, the baking industry has grown rapidly over the past few years in Bacolod. On March 8, 2015, we opened a bigger and better store at 13th Lacson-Aguinaldo St., Bacolod. We will be opening our first branch in Manila in December 2015.

Chefs & Bakers constantly strives to bring the best and most sought after products to our customer base at competitive prices . We cover a diverse selection of ingredients, raw materials, packaging, bakeware, specialty cookware and supplies in our current roster of products. We are always looking forward to forging partnerships and strategic alliances with more local and foreign suppliers to support the industry here in the Philippines.

Chefs and Bakers’ vision is to bring a truly one-stop shop of everything that has to do with baking within the reach of the average Filipino. Our passion is to put excitement and emotion into baking. With the help of our partners and guests, our mission is to make baking as sweet as it tastes and sounds! Let’s bring out the best in you as chefs and bakers. :)